4th Young-ISA Meeting

This event is the 4th Young-ISA meeting that will bring together many career-young statisticians in Ireland to focus on Researchers’ Toolkit: Publication, Progression, and People. This event offers early career researchers and Ph.D. students an excellent opportunity to gain insights into advancing their careers in academia. We will host three keynote talks where keynote speakers will share their perspectives on crucial aspects of this journey. In particular, they will discuss the significance of publication quantity versus quality, initiating collaborations, writing grants, how to progress in academia, and other relevant topics.

There will be also a series of short research talks delivered by career-young researchers from different Irish universities, distributed over two presentation rounds. In addition, a round table will be delivered with our keynote speakers to further discuss the theme of the event.

The event also dedicates one of its afternoon session to a joint event organised by Young-ISA and The British and Irish Region (BIR) of the International Biometric Society (IBS), featuring two talks by early-career researchers from both Young-ISA ad BIR.

The winners of our next Young-ISA Twitter Poster Conference (stay tuned) will be announced at this event. Please check here for more detail on how to participate.

Date: Friday November 17th, 2023
Location: LCI-G0189, Institute for Lifecourse and Society (ILAS), University of Galway (H91 C7DK)
Time: 9.30 – 18.00
Theme of the event: Researchers’ Toolkit: Publication, Progression, and People

Invited Speakers

Brendan Murphy, School of Mathematics & Statistics, University College Dublin.

Kathleen O’Sullivan, School of Mathematical Sciences, University College Cork.

Carl Scarrott, School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, University of Galway.