Gosset Lecture

The Irish Statistical Association Gosset lecture is a bi-annual public lecture given by eminent Statisticians on topics of broad interest. The lecture is named in honour of William Sealy Gosset (1876-1937), a pioneer of modern Statistics who worked in the Guinness Brewery in Dublin. Gosset published under the name “Student” and is most famous for inventing the t-test.

2023Sylvia Richardson

(University of Cambridge)
Are statisticians ready for the next pandemic?

Dianne Cook

(Monash University)

Human vs computer: In Visualising Data, Who Wins?

Trevor Hastie

(Stanford University)

Statistical learning with big data


David Hand

 (Imperial College London)

 The dangers of not seeing what isn’t there: selection bias in statistical modelling 

Adrian E Raftery
(University of Washington)

 Population projections for all countries