Young ISA

Young Statisticians’ Section of the Irish Statistical Association

The Young Statisticians’ Section of the Irish Statistical Association (Young-ISA) aims to create and cultivate a network of career-young statisticians across Ireland, statisticians in the early stages of their careers. The ISA established the Young-ISA to support social and professional opportunities for career-young statisticians within the ISA community.

The Young-ISA Section focuses on:

  • Networking: Create and promote a network of career-young statisticians in Ireland.
    • Young-ISA is a forum, for undergraduate and postgraduate students, researchers, lecturers and professionals, in all fields of Statistics, across academia, industry and other research institutions, to exchange and discuss ideas. Young-ISA provides an interface between career-young statisticians and the ISA.
  • Development: Support the professional development of career-young statisticians.
    • In addition to promoting activities of the ISA and joint initiatives, the Young-ISA organises events, workshops and meetings. Young-ISA provides high-quality career guidance and information, and fosters a culture of interdisciplinary collaboration within its community.
  • Outreach: Promote activities and prospects of a career in Statistics.
    • Young-ISA commits to raising awareness of the role of Statistics in modern day society. Young-ISA works with the ISA to advertise opportunities of the ISA and joint initiatives. Young-ISA shares news related to research topics, job opportunities and events of interest.

Webinar series

The Young-ISA runs an active webinar series with details of past and upcoming webinars available on the Y-ISA webpage and recordings on the Y-ISA YouTube channel.


Chair: Michael Fop (University College Dublin)
Vice-Chair: Rafael de Andrade Moral (Maynooth University)
Secretary: Shirin Moghaddam (University College Cork)
Website Manager: Davood Roshan (NUI Galway)
Outreach Officer: Fatima-Zahra Jaouimaa (University of Limerick)
Ordinary Member: Emma Brown (Queen’s University Belfast)
Ordinary Member: Mimi Zhang (Trinity College Dublin)
Ordinary Member: Niamh Cahill (Maynooth University)
Ordinary Member: Amir Jalali (University College Dublin)
Ordinary Member: Lisa McFetridge (Queen’s University Belfast)

Contact details

Twitter: @Young_Stats_ISA
Also see information leaflet