Upcoming Euorpean Courses in Advanced Statistics (ECAS)

ECAS LogoThe Irish Statistical Association is a member of the Federation of European National Statistical Societies FENStatS members and has a representative on the board of European Courses in Advanced Statistics ECAS

ECAS courses are intended to achieve postgraduate training in special areas of statistics for both researchers and teachers at universities, as well as professionals working in industry and interested in the application of new statistical methods.

Below are some upcoming ECAS courses.


High Dimensional Statistics, theory and practice

This course, taught in English, presents an introduction and recent advances in high dimensional statistics, with a special emphasis on main concepts of variable selection, nonparametric estimation, supervised and non-supervised classification and multiple testing. It will address theoretical, methodological and practical aspects of this field.

This ECAS-SFdS course will be held in October 1-6, 2017 at La Villa Clythia, Fréjus (France) in the French Riviera



A joint ECAS-ENBIS 2-days summer school (9-10 September 2017) entitled “Big Data in Business and Industry” is organized in Procida Island (near Naples, Italy).

This course, organized by L. D’Ambra and R. Kenett, presents methodological and practical aspects related to four different topics:
– Improving the quality of official statistics (G. Barcaroli).
– Association rules and compositional data methods (M. Vives-Mestres and R. Kenett).
– Big data and industrial statistics (R. Kenett and M. Reis).
– Multivariate spatio-temporal methods for large datasets (A. Fassò).

website: http://www.unior.it/ateneo/15340/1/ecas-enbis-course-2017.html

It should be noted that this course is included as a pre-conference of the international meeting ENBIS-17